Summer Research Program

The Summer research program, established in 1995.

Application deadline: March 25, 2022.

It provides incoming dental students who have an interest in research, the opportunity to execute a research project. Prior research experience is not required to participate. Since its inception, the program has been well received by students and faculty alike. The 2022 Summer Research Program begins its journey on May 16 and ends July 22, 2022, with students delivering their research findings in an oral presentation venue.

Purpose and Benefits

The purpose of the program provides students with a structured research experience, while forming relationships with faculty and becoming familiar with the college, prior to beginning dental school. Previous participants have stated that this opportunity was valuable as entering freshmen. Many continue their research activity throughout dental school. Students receive three hours of elective credit in the fall semester for their research activities.
At the beginning of the program, participants receive a schedule of activities for the 10-week program. Each year, guest speakers provide an overview of various topics, which include but are not limited to:

•Highlights of current faculty research projects
•Laboratory safety
•Human and animal contact
•Responsible conduct in research
•Library resources
Student discussion groups provide an opportunity for participants to confer with each other regarding their research projects and interact in a less structured environment. At the end of the program, the students are required to submit an abstract of their research project to the Office of Research. They also present the results of their research at an abstract presentation session, usually scheduled during the first week of dental school.
Another benefit of the program: students can participate in local, national and international dental research meetings. Papers presented at these meetings represent the results of 10 weeks of total research activity. Some of these abstracts are refined and submitted to the American and/or International Association of Dental Research for presentation at annual national/international meetings. The number of students who have presented papers at these prestigious meetings in previous years is a testimony to the quality of students, mentors and the overall research experience.
Faculty mentors and staff contribute their time and effort to assist in the design, operation, data acquisition, data analysis phases and in the interpretation of experimental results. This program has been highly effective in transferring research skills to eager students and clearly demonstrates that significant research can be accomplished in a short period of time when the involved participants are organized and committed to the generation of new knowledge.

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Questions & Answers

For more information, contactDenise Webb

Who is eligible for the Summer Research Program?
•Incoming freshmen dental students interested in research.
What are the benefits of participating?
•Increases skills in analytical thinking, accessing and critically analyzing scientific literature, organizing and presenting research findings.
•Allows students to form relationships with faculty and become familiar with the college prior to beginning a dental school career.
•Allows students to participate in local, national and international dental research meetings.
Where do Summer Research Program participants live during the program and are scholarships available?
•Student participants are responsible for their own living accommodations; however, a small stipend is paid from funds received from corporate and UFCD sponsors to partially offset the living expenses of incoming students during the summer program.
Where can I locate information on research provided?
•Go to:Faculty Research Interests and Departments