Application Process and Admissions


Prospective Students


A separate application for the combined DMD-PhD program must be submitted as described below. An ad hoc DMD-PhD Admissions Committee reviews the application. This Committee is composed of at least two faculty of the College of Dentistry and two faculty of the applicant’s prospective concentration of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. Formation of the committee and processing of applications is by the DMD-PhD coordinator of the College of Dentistry in consultation with the Associate Dean for Graduate Education in the College of Medicine. Because the DMD admissions is on a rolling basis, applicants are strongly advised to first apply to the DMD program as early as possible, then submit a DMD-PhD application afterwards; no more than a month later. Candidates selected for interview by the DMD Admissions Committee may, during the same visit interview with members of the ad hoc DMD-PhD Admissions Committee.

Current DMD Students

学生currently in the UF DMD program are also encouraged to apply to the combined degree program. The review process and restrictions are identical to those described above for prospective students. Follow the instructions below for submitting an application; in addition, contact the DMD-PhD Coordinator to obtain a Dean’s Certification Form.



DMD-PHD应用程序截止日期 -对于准学生,合并的DMD-PHD计划的申请必须由10月1日在DMD计划前的年度入口。当前的DMD学生可以随时申请直到7学期(秋季DN3)。

DMD – PhD Application Process

Part 1:Apply online to the UF Biomedical Sciences (BMS) program through theUF研究生院招生网站伟德手机投注,,,,尽快。创建帐户后,转到在线应用程序并执行以下操作:
办公室of Admissions, P.O. Box 114000, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000.
但是,在UF获得学士学位或/或硕士学位的学生不需要从UF发送的成绩单。填写有关UF授予的出勤日期和学位日期的适当信息。如果您当前是UF DMD学生,则不需要DMD程序的成绩单。
6.Under “Additional Questions” and “Statement of Purpose”, provide a personal statement to inform the admissions committee of your career goals and previous research experiences. Discuss at least one research experience in detail (Aim and the background information to justify your aim, techniques used, results obtained and how they advance the field, and future goals based on your results). Address how your research experiences influenced your goals. Provide any other information you want to convey.
• HONORS and AWARDS (Title of each award and year given)
• TEACHING and SUPERVISORY EXPERIENCE (Inclusive dates, position, University/College or school)
• PUBLICATIONS (Title, Journal, Vol., Pages, Year)
• ORAL PRESENTATIONS (Title, month/year presented, location, organization)
• 电脑知识
11。Fill out the “Acknowledgement” page and submit.
Part 2:
1。Request ADA to send your Dental Admissions Test Official Report Scores to the DMD-PhD Coordinator, Dr. Frank C. Gibson III.

DMD-PhD Coordinator

弗兰克·吉布森(Frank Gibson),博士