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Dr. Cecil White, Jr. Scholars Fund

骄傲的毅力:UF牙科“兄弟”与小塞西尔·怀特博士(Cecil White),小学者基金会(Cecil White)博士团结起来。

Dr. Cecil White, Jr.

Carson Smith: Leading the Florida Way

卡森·史密斯(Carson Smith)是2022年DMD班主任的总裁,他已经做到了这一切,然后做了一些事情,留下了佛罗里达大学领导人的持久遗产。伟德国际备用网址4

Carson Smith, Class of 2022 President


The NCEF Children’s Oral Health Initiative works to decrease the number of children suffering from dental disease and improve their quality of life.

Pediatric Patient

40 Gators Under 40

Gator Dentists Dr. Gregory Feldman and Dr. Sundeep Rawal were named among UF Alumni Association's 40 Gators Under 40 in 2021 and 2020, respectively.

Drs. Gregory Feldman and Sundeep Rawal


After a two-year hiatus from an in-person research day, the College of Dentistry’s Spring Synergy event returned in successful fashion in 2022.

Jenna Stephany Scada获胜者2022-23