The B.S.-D.M.D Program is for outstanding college freshmen who know they are interested in becoming dentists and are committed to attending the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Students accepted in this program complete a B.S. degree and a D.M.D. degree in 7 years, instead of 8 years.


During what would have been the senior year of college, B.S.-D.M.D. Program students enter the freshman class at the College of Dentistry. An ADEA AADSAS application is not required. Credits from the dental program are transferred back to the undergraduate college to complete the baccalaureate degree requirements. Approved students spend a minimum of 90 hours in the bachelor’s program and four years in the dental program.

如果您还在高中:please review this material carefully for your future, but do not apply until the end of your freshman year at the University of Florida.


  • 伟德国际备用网址4佛罗里达大学新生。
  • Must be a United States citizen or United States permanent resident (green card holder) at time of application.
  • 总体未加权的高中GPA不少于3.75/4.00,未加权的高中科学GPA不少于3.50/4.00。
  • A total SAT score of at least 1350; or an ACT score of at least 29. UF will superscore both the SAT and ACT, meaning that if you take either test multiple times we will combine your highest subsection scores across test dates for the same exam.
  • 至少有两个全日制学期(不包括夏季学期)在佛罗里达大学完成。伟德国际备用网址4必须完成至少两项大学水平的科学课程,最低总GPA为3.75/4.00,科学GPA不少于3.50/4.00。可接受的科学课程包括一般生物学,一般化学和专为科学和专业学生设计的一般物理课程。
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of and commitment to a career in dentistry as evidenced by prior exposure to the profession (dental experience).
  • 其他经验,包括研究,领导力,志愿者,社区服务,就业,参与和课外活动。

B.S.-D.M.D.Application Requirements

  • 一个完整的应用cation. We strongly encourage you to download and fill this application out electronically. You can email the application toDMDAdmissions@www.sacsway.com. The application is posted in the spring.
  • Official high school transcripts including graduation date and class rank at time of graduation. Transcripts can be sent via email toDMDAdmissions@www.sacsway.comor mailed to: PO Box 100445, 1395 Center Drive, D3-5, Gainesville, FL 32610.
  • SAT and/or ACT scores, emailed toDMDAdmissions@www.sacsway.com. An unofficial score report is sufficient.
  • Three Letters of Evaluation from instructors (e.g. professors, lecturers, faculty) or professionals who know your work well. We do not require letters to be written by specific individuals. These letters need to be submitted by the letter writer directly to the University of Florida College of Dentistry Office of Admissions via email toDMDAdmissions@www.sacsway.com.

Application Deadline

申请截止日期是May 15每年。所有申请要求必须在截止日期之前收到。



B.S.-D.M.D.Matriculation Requirements

  • Demonstrate sustained understanding of issues related to the dental profession evidenced by continued contact with the profession through observation, volunteer, research and/or work activities.
  • 完成招生副院长的注册前访谈。伟德手机投注
  • 保持高专业的行为标准。
  • 通过规定的UF本科课程的进展,并保持令人满意的学术成就,总GPA不少于3.75/4.00,而科学GPA不少于3.50/4.00。
  • 完成Dental Admission Test (DAT) by January 15 of the year of dental school enrollment with an academic average score of no less than 20 and no individual score less than 16.
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses for dental school with a letter grade of C or better at UF. AP, IB, AICE, dual enrollment and/or transfer credits are不是allowed for任何BS-DMD计划的先决条件课程。
    • English: 6 semester hours
    • Biology: 8 semester hours
    • 通用化学:8个学期
    • 有机化学:8个学期
    • Physics: 8 semester hours
    • Microbiology: 4 semester hours* (upper-level coursework)
    • Biochemistry: 4 semester hours* (upper-level coursework)
      *4 semester hours are required for the undergraduate degree for this program
  • Satisfactory completion of bachelor’s degree requirements and good standing with the UF College of Agricultural & Life Sciences.
  • 完成UF Professional Application费用30美元。
  • 完成犯罪背景检查,并被大学和大学认为有利的结果。
  • 完成院长的认证表格,以验证教育纪律记录,并被大学和大学认为有利的结果。
  • 持续不断披露任何过去或将来违反法律或不当行为指控的行为。
  • 完成所需的免疫和结核病筛查。
  • Secure mandatory health insurance coverage by enrolling in the UF student health insurance plan or by providing proof of comparable coverage and signing required waiver.