Outside Activities and Conflicts of Interest

The UF利益冲突(COI)计划is an office established under the purview of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. The UF COI Program administersUfolio(UF在线兴趣组织者),UF的新在线报告系统,该系统简化,现代化和标准化UF员工披露其可报告的外部活动和财务利益的方式。与校园合作伙伴合作,UF COI计划旨在识别和管理可能破坏机构完整性的利益冲突。



有关如何在UFolio中执行各种任务的常见问题解答,请参阅打印版本或者屏幕版本of our UFOLIO Functionality FAQ resource.

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What is a conflict of interest?



Outside activities draw upon the knowledge, skills, or abilities employees use to fulfill institutional responsibilities and are performed for outside entities. Examples include consulting, teaching appointments at other universities, expert witness services, industry advisory board participation, etc. Please review theFundamental Considerations for UF Employees.

Who needs to complete the UFOLIO form?

Currently, UFOLIO is available for four populations: 1) Faculty, adjuncts, and postdoctoral associates holding a 0.26 FTE or higher appointment, 2) High-level TEAMS staff (generally, this population includes director-level staff and above), 3) College of Medicine TEAMS Physicians in the Regional Physician Network, and 4) UFIRST key personnel. If you are in these populations, you can access UFOLIO and submit your Disclosure of Interest (DOI) atufolio.compliance.ufl.edu.

I am not in the current UFOLIO population. How do I disclose my outside activities and interests?



You are required to obtain prior approval for certain outside activities and interests; please submit disclosures for outside activities at least 30 days before the anticipated start date.For those that submit through UFOLIO: your UFOLIO portfolio should be updated annually at a minimum based on the date of last approval, and even if you do not have an outside activity to report, you still have to submit that you have nothing to disclose in the system.


Ufolioprovides a description of each type of disclosure that needs to be submitted, and a list of disclosure types with explanations可以在这里找到. A useful list of examples and types of outside activities and financial interests可以在这里找到.


What to Report



你是不确定的if an activity should be disclosed in UFOLIO? This resource guides you through steps to determine if something is an “inside activity” that is part of an employee’s UF job duties. Inside activities should not be disclosed in UFOLIO; outside activities must be disclosed in advance in UFOLIO if they fall under one of UF’s 11 disclosure types.



This chart describes the categories of activities/interests to disclose with illustrative examples and exceptions for each category.




Training Courses


General UFOLIO Training

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about UFOLIO, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. The course gives an overview of what UFOLIO is, why it is being used, and what it means for employees.


主管 / 1级审稿人Ufolio培训


Instruction Guides


UfolioFunctionality FAQ – Print Version



Ufolio功能常见问题解答 - 屏幕版本

您是否需要帮助弄清楚如何在Ufolio中做某事?查看此新指南,其中有常见的Ufolio功能问题。Please note, there are two versions of this guide: this screen version is not ideal for printing, but has images and screenshots which are easy to follow.


Level 1 Review Checklist

This checklist provides a list of what all Level 1 Reviewers in UFOLIO are expected to consider when conducting a supervisory review of disclosures.


UfolioDiscloser Quick-Start Guide

This resource provides step-by-step instructions for submitting disclosures in UFOLIO.