For New Employees




部门must request a new or replacement Gator 1 Card online. The employee must bring a picture ID to the ID Card Services Health Science Center branch on the ground floor of the Medical Sciences Building in Room NG-10.

Visit theGator 1 Central websitefor more information and to complete the online request form.


有关停车区以及您可以购买的许可类型的信息,请访问Transportation and Parking Services.


UF employees and students can ride RTS buses for free with a Gator 1 card.RTS Bus Schedules

I’m visiting campus and don’t have a GatorLink account. How can I get online?

UF拥有一个无需GatorLink用户名/密码的用户的访问者无线网络。Instructions for accessing the network


Please visithttp://www.gatorlink.ufl.edu然后单击“创建新帐户”。您需要输入UFID号码才能设置GatorLink帐户。

How do I obtain an email account?

您的部门管理员应该submit a service request到UF Health帮助台上提供以下信息:

全名:( Al E. Gator)
GatorLink ID :(搅拌器)
Indicate affiliation: Faculty/Staff or Student
Access to: axiUm, name specific shared folders, etc.
Email distribution lists: DN-Everyone, DN-Staff, DN-Faculty, etc.

How do I obtain the appropriate security roles in PeopleSoft?

Your roles are specific to your position and job duties. Please contact Amanda Phelps or Christina Perez athr@www.sacsway.comfor role assignments and requests.

How do I get an office key?


  1. Contact your department administrator to request keys.
  2. Contact Charles Lesch in the Dean’s Office at 352-273-8001 orclesch@www.sacsway.com包含以下信息:
    • 室号
    • 请求的钥匙数
    • Recipient(s) of the key(s)
    • Contact person
    • 电话number

A Key Request Form will be submitted to the Health Science Center Key Shop.

How do I sign up for the University’s New Employee Orientation for staff?

Pleasevisit the UF Human Resources website有关UF取向和其他员工资源的信息。

Where can I find information regarding my benefits?

所有员工都必须在雇用后60天内获得福利。合格的教职员工应通过与Amanda Phelps或Christina Perez联系bv伟德在哪里下载

As a UF employee, what other benefits am I eligible for?

UF员工有资格获得许多福利,包括健身和娱乐,佛罗里达景点的折扣,员工教育计划福利等。请访问UF Human Resources website或联系学院的人力资源办公室查询。

How often do I get paid?

Faculty and staff are paid biweekly. Please see “Payroll Schedules” on theUniversity Payroll Services website.


You can view your paycheck onmyUFL在我的自助服务下>工资和薪酬>查看薪水。

What do the various codes mean on my paycheck?

Visit the大学薪资服务指南的薪水代码指南了解更多信息。